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Markets.com Broker Review

markets.com review

  • For how long the company is in the market?
    • Markets.com is in the market since 2009.
  • What are the main advantages here?
    • The holding company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?
    • We did not find any reasons not to open account with Markets.com
  • Does Markets.com have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?
    • Yes, Markets.com is suitable for Arabic traders.
  • What is the minimum deposit amount?
    • It is possible to start trading with $100.
  • What this broker regulated?
    • Yes, Markets.com is compliant with MiFiD and regulated by CySEC and FCA.
  • Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?
    • The maximum leverage offered here is 1:300. There is not much information about account types on the website.

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Suspicious reviews that we found

Unstable trading platform. When ever there are major movements on the market, the trading platform stops working, and a restart is necessary. ( up to 30 restarts per day)

We recommend to deposit a small amount and test platform before putting the whole sum to your account. Also, we cannot guarantee that this review is real.

Reviews about the broker

  • Benny

    Nice trading system. Stable connection and low ping. Trading with them more than one year.

  • Olge

    This is not the first time I’ve heard unflattering comments about the broker, but in this case I want to side with Markets.com, since I’ve been trading here for eight months now and have not yet collected my claims to the broker. At once I did not use millions, but started with $ 1000, then increased to $ 5000 and started trading on gold, indexes. The platform here is excellent and the choice of trading instruments, too. Therefore, if the traders do not succeed something this does not mean that only the broker is always guilty.

  • Petr

    Cultural staff and managers literally bribe with courtesy. One of their managers, a girl named Olga, decided to monitor and correct the work of previous managers. But as a result, my account decreased by another 30%. Olga did not pick up the phone for about a week, when she finally contacted them, at the other end they told me that she was no longer working at Markets.com. A manager named Maxim at the end said that the stop loss was not displayed, because of a system failure, he had more 100 customers, and there is no time to control everything. After 3 days brought out all his money, the good has not lost much.

  • Sarmat

    For about half a year I was a distant trader at this broker, I did not meet anyone, I decided everything via the Internet and calls. Trading began with $ 500, for 4 months raised the deposit by 30%, traded in small lots and very carefully. Trade gave, I do not know how much is in the case with large sums. I deducted all the funds. just do not have time to trade in the foreign exchange market.

  • Alex Marcy

    For a month and a half of work, I can say that at registration I received a bonus of $ 25. , and they let me raise it to $ 110, brought in for 2 days. There were doubts that I would not withdraw, but I brought everything out. From the shortcomings – some annoying manager, constantly calling and persistently persuading to transfer money to the account. The execution of orders of quality, slippage and requotes are quite rare. Those. support mainly on the connection.

  • Quantin

    The second year I work with this broker. From positive – a large set of financial instruments and the availability of competent trading signals. The variety of CFDs gives more opportunities for participating in profitable operations. Cons – often call and offer to refill the account. There were wrong trading signals. But there is no reason to leave this broker. You can trade.

  • Wendy

    Stable and firm. Like their website and stability.
    No problems with deposit and withdraw.

  • Karen

    Markets.com is the most terrible company I worked with. I was not even recruited from analysts, I threw them $ 700 and now I can not withdraw them.

  • BandyR

    Nothing bad can not say – trade on the news is just a fairy tale, no slips and gaps, fast execution of orders. In this regard, the company at the highest level!

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