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24option استعراض الوسيط

24option review

  • إلى متى الشركة في السوق؟
    • 24option في السوق منذ عام 2010.
  • ما هي المزايا الرئيسية هنا؟
    • الميزة الرئيسية ل24option هي عبارة عن منصة التداول مصممة تصميما جيدا والموقع.
  • لم تجد أي أسباب عدم العمل مع هذا الوسيط؟
    • لم نجد أي سبب لعدم فتح حساب لاختبار هذه الشركة.
  • لا 24option لديهم حسابات الخالية من الفوائد (الإسلامية)؟
    • نعم، 24option مناسبة للمتداولين العربية.
  • ما هو مقدار الحد الأدنى للإيداع؟
    • فمن الممكن لبدء التداول مع 100 $.
  • ما ينظم هذا الوسيط؟
    • نعم، وينظم 24option التي كتبها CySEC، FMA، AFM، HELLENIC، CNB، BDF، BAFIN، ATVP، CONSOB، CNMV، FCA وCRFIN.
  • أي شيء خاص حول ينتشر والنفوذ الهامش؟
    • شروط التداول وينتشر هنا عن متوسط ​​السوق.

مراجعة الفيديو

التعليقات المشبوهة التي وجدناها

My complaint to Rodeler Ltd. (24Option) is that they have stolen my entire portfolio by providing me the wrong
information, acting dishonest, unfair, imposter, lying, misleading, manipulating, and without the best act
of me as a client.*

* تم العثور على الاستعراض على فوركسبيسارمي. وفي الوقت نفسه، ليس لدينا أي أدوات للتحقق مما إذا كانت هذه المراجعة حقيقية وإذا تم حل المشكلة أم لا

مراجعات حول الوسيط

  • Max

    Really good broker. Convenient in work, no drawdowns with quotes, tools for work – above the roof. But I advise you to choose literally a couple of “your” tools and for all at once do not grab. Managers are adequate. Money does not hold up. So everything is fine.

  • Igor

    I have only positive impressions from working with 24option. It is convenient and profitable to work. The withdrawal of money always passes quickly enough. Managers are polite enough. There are many tools, it is suitable for anyone.

  • Popp

    Scammers! I lost about $ 500 dollars from them, promised a profit and, in the end, everything was merged to zero. Many times I wrote to my broker and in those I support that my money will be returned to me, and in return silence.

  • Yann

    Company 24option – Lochotron.
    Everything seems to work, you can conclude deals, personal manager (constantly gets), etc. But all this does not matter.
    Because it is impossible to withdraw your money. To withdraw the money you need
    verified. And then the main thing is their chip. They will not let you do this. Whatever screenshots you send to them. They require new and new documents, and they all do not like them.
    I myself went through it, lost money, and I would like to warn people
    register in this office. And that this company, thanks to my recall, had as few customers as possible.

  • Korvin

    And I like to work with this broker. And the manager is smart with me, and the site itself is comfortable. The minimum deposit, however, quite serious, I initially hesitated. But I do not regret that I finally opened the account. When you already have a normal amount at the start, then earnings do not go cheap at once. And with the conclusion, by the way, no problems

  • Natty

    I like this platform. I am a beginner, everything is clear, accessible. Tried on a demo account first. In different ways, there were plums. Then she subscribed to their signals, everything became much more “fun”. Really, they help me. While the amounts are not that big, but I’m positive. So far, I want to learn and continue to trade on my own. So do not divorce it. Write to skype roshelnk or to the post, who is interested and who does not yet believe in it. Stuck works!

  • Loren CA.

    24option – is good for starters. They’ll get all the help and personal manager to assist them in trading.

  • Huan

    Fast withdraw, no problems during registration. Spreads are reasonable.

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